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Cariboo Chilcotin


River that runs from the south

For thousands of years, the Cariboo and Chilcotin regions of BC have been home to the Carrier people, who thrived with their families from the bounty of this beautiful land.

The word Nazko is a Carrier word meaning “river that runs from the south”. Cariboo Chilcotin

No doubt you have heard the stories of early explorers ‘discovering’ the Pacific passage in 1793, when Alexander and his entourage were led through this historic land by Carrier guides. The First Nation guides were hired to lead the explorers more than 158 miles over the ancient Grease Trail.

The Grease trail had been a major trading route for the Carrier people and surrounding tribes. There are countless stories of how the ‘oolichan’ fish were used to sustain the people and were highly prized for their use as a cooking oil and lighted candles. Cariboo Chilcotin

The Grease Trail passed through the territories of the Nazko and Kluskus peoples and is still used today for horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking to remote regions.  Cariboo Chilcotin

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Our Community

And what the future holds

The community of Nazko maintains a great deal of its Historical Pioneer feel. Just 116 km from Quesnel, the area remains a close-knit community with a focus on outdoor activities, forestry, hunting and fishing.

Nazko First Nation claims ownership of a large part of the economic growth in the area, employing a number of workers in the Forest Industry while enhancing the Community in general. Cariboo Chilcotin

In 2015, Nazko Economic Development Corporation purchased the Nazko Trading Centre, and renamed the business “Three Nations Store and Lodge”.

Over the next few years, taking a cue from Barkerville Historic town and Park, Nazko Economic Development Corporation (NEDC) intends to build the Store and Lodge property into a Core Tourism Destination in the area.  Cariboo Chilcotin

The Nazko Community Association

Is a non-profit society that is composed of community volunteers whose purpose is to represent and or assist the interests and concerns of residents with outside agencies and institutions and to enhance the communities recreational and cultural opportunities.

The Nazko Community Association helps to organize and look after the general workings of some of the following things: The Nazko Library, Centennial Park, Marmot Lake Campground/Park, The Nazko Newsletter, The Nazko Cemetery, Nazko Website.

And works or assists with other community groups: For example, The Nazko Valley Elementary School and The Community Centre, and Nazko First Nation to help put on various activities in and around the community for all community members.


A lot to tell…

There are unconfirmed rumours of famous people like Teddy Roosevelt coming to the beautiful Nazko Valley area and going out on guided hunting tours.

Fur trading and the lure of gold were what initially drew the early pioneers to this region. But it was the lifestyle, vast forest regions, terrific hunting, fishing and beautiful ranch land that held them captive and still draws pioneer spirits to the area.

The Nazko Valley has a rich history thousands of years old. From the Grease Trail where Oolichan fish were traded to explorers such as Alexander Mackenzie, the area has a lot of stories to tell. Come and find out what happened here. You won’t be disappointed!

Cariboo Chilcotin

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